It's been a tough month! We have all felt the impact of COVID-19 while understanding the importance of staying home.

First, we want to express empathy for the many people suffering far more than we are, gratitude to the medical professionals doing far more important work than we are, and that this has brought out the good in humankind.

As the global pandemic has continued escalating, we’ve had to drastically cut back on our workshop production for the safety of our team and our community. Due to this, each product shows the expected lead time before shipping, but those timelines are subject to change due to the unprecedented delay due to the mandatory closure amid COVID-19.

We're doing the best we can within our control to get your order to you ASAP! We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Our team has embraced the truth of the matter and responded positively.  We’ll continue our work as long as we’re able. We’re a small, independent product company—thank you for your ongoing support as we prepare for an uncertain future.

Thanks for reading, and stay safe,
- CMG Links Team


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