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What is the difference between 14k and 18k gold?


While 18-karat is 75% pure gold, 14-karat is about 58% pure gold. The remainder is made of copper, silver, zinc, and nickel (white gold only).  It is natural for gold to naturally tarnish, scratch, and bend over time. However, compared to 18-karat gold, 14-karat tarnishes more slowly and is more resistant to scratching, bending, and scuffing due to the other metals mixed in to make it harder and more durable. For the same reason, 14K gold is also more affordable than 18-karat. One more thing to consider is that the yellow color of 18-karat gold is more rich and vivid than in 14k gold.

What forms of payments do you accept?


We accept the following forms of payment:

  • Visa

  • MasterCard

  • American Express

  • All Major Debit & Credit Cards

  • Cash (if you are local)

  • Bank-Wire Transfers

  • Money Orders/Personal Checks (after a clearing period has passed)

What is the processing time after I place my order?


Typically from payment to receipt of package can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks. Processing time may be affected by our volume of orders, heavy seasons, and/or payment delays.  Right now, we are experiencing a high volume of orders so our turnover time is 6-8 weeks.  If you have a special order, 18k, white/rose gold, the turnaround time can be more. 

How do you ship your products?

Our products are shipped via Fed-Ex 2nd Day Air with full insurance and signature confirmation at no extra cost to you, the consumer (USA customers only).  Free shipping does not apply to international orders. When receiving our products you must have a valid ID to show the courier for verification purposes. This is to protect both our business and the customer.  We will not ship to an address different from your billing address.  You're encourage to pick up your product in person by providing a photo ID and purchase receipt.

NOTE: We don't ship products on Friday's for security reasons.  If you want to pay for Saturday delivery, we will be very happy to ship your product on a Friday for Saturday delivery.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

We are not currently offering wholesale pricing.

What is your return/refund policy?

Customer satisfaction is the pinnacle of our business. We offer a 7 day no questions asked full refund on products. To receive a full refund, products must be unaltered, undamaged, and packed securely. If after inspecting the returned piece, we find that is damaged, refunds will be denied and your piece will be sent back. There will be a 15% restocking fee on any returned item. Shipping charges and/or special customization (engraving of any kind, special lock fee, etc...)  are not refunded. 

Typical timeline for refunds:

  1. Customer lets us know they would like a refund within a 7-day period of receiving product.

  2. Acknowledgement of return by CMG LINKS

  3. Customer packages the jewelry safely and sends it back via courier and fully insured to retail value, and package sent with signature confirmation. Customer is responsible for the cost of sending the piece back to CMG LINKS.

  4. Once package is received at CMG LINKS headquarters, our jeweler inspects the piece for any damage and/or alterations of any kind.

  5. If the piece gets approved by the jeweler, refund takes place.

Are your products real Gold?

Absolutely Yes! We only manufacture our chains and jewelry using 100% real gold. We do not sell or manufacture anything gold plated or any of that cheap stuff you see advertised on the internet. Our products are hand-made solid (not hollow) and plumb gold.

How to care for your gold piece?

Want it to stay shining? Follow these steps to clean your piece!

  1. Grab a bowl of warm water

  2. Add some mild liquid dish washing detergent. (Dawn works best)

  3. Grab a soft brush and scrub the jewelry lightly until you create suds.

  4. Work the brush into crevices to clean it well.

  5. Rinse with warm water until all soap residue is gone.

  6. Take a soft cloth and polish lightly against the gold.

Remember avoid contact with bleach! Bleach erodes gold and leaves unsightly stains.

Perfume, cosmetics and hairspray also damage gold.

Always remember to take your piece off when you sleep and lay it flat to avoid any scratches.